Letter to PA State Senator John Wozniak -- Question About His Recent Vote to Expand Gambling in the Keystone State!

Letter to PA State Senator John Wozniak --
Question About His Recent Vote to Expand Gambling in the Keystone State!

Hello, there! Theo, administrative assistant on Circuit Rider's Range, here to let you know that my boss, CDH (alias Circuit Rider), has sent a letter to his state senator, John Wozniak, who recently voted to expand gambling in Pennsylvania. There were enough legislators thinking (or is it more a lack of intelligent thinking?) as did Wozniak in both Senate and House to enable this piece of highly immoral legislative garbage to pass with guaranteed signature by Ed Rendell who unfortunately is governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the present time.

What these people fail to realize is that they have opened up a Pandora's Box which will result in future chaos that their limited minds cannot possibly imagine or even begin to comprehend!

The letter was sent to both Wozniak's Johnstown and Harrisburg addresses.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Senator John N. Wozniak
2307 Bedford St.
Johnstown, PA 15904

Dear Senator Wozniak:

I see you voted "yes" on the bill which will greatly expand gambling in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and of all things -- on the Lord's Day and the 228th birthday of our republic, the House passed this measure which will guarantee more misery than our limited minds can begin to comprehend!

I, along with many others, had communicated with you urging you to reject the proposal to expand gambling activities in our state. I'm sure you have a well rehearsed response as to your very flawed reasoning for supporting the expansion of gambling in Pennsylvania.

Now then, a question for your consideration -- what will be the next revenue raising "project" you people in Harrisburg will come up with? Logic would dictate that the next step will be "legalized" prostitution!

Uh, uh --- don't say it'll never happen and that you would not support such a possibility. At least one state generates a lot of bucks through "legalization" of the world's oldest profession! The same arguments which you would use to justify gambling in Pennsylvania can be also used to justify "legalized" prostitution.

By the same token, if you would say you are opposed to "legalized" prostitution as a source of generating revenue for the Keystone State, then those same arguments would equally apply to gambling as well -- the reason is very simple -- morally and ethically they are 2 peas in the same pod! It's just that there is a slight difference in the activities involved in generating the quantity of "revenue" which politicians lust after!

I applaud those members of the Assembly who had the courage to vote "no" on the gambling expansion bill. I'm sure they will pay a high price for taking their stand for what is morally right -- something that is a rarity these days in the world of cut-throat politics.

By the way, when you run for re-election, would you care to speculate as to how I'll be voting, since neither major political party has any claims on me?

Still contending at www.crrange.com

Clayton D. Harriger, Pastor
Non-affiliated registered voter - Cambria County
cc: Representative Thomas Yewcic and the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat
Letter posted on Circuit Rider's Range at www.crrange.com

A P.S. on this -- the above letter was sent on the date it was written with copies going to the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat and cdh's local representative, Tom Yewcic, in Harrisburg. A letter of appreciation was sent to Representative Yewcic who voted "no" on the gambling expansion bill. Pennsylvania will now have the dubious distinction of being 2nd only to Nevada in the number of slot machines milking money from a large segment of Pennsylvania's population who can least afford to play around with these financial Draculas!

Also, the legislation lists those who will profit from the gambling escade once it gets rolling -- will politicians be among those who will get a slice of this juicy financial pie????

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