Portrayal of the U.S.A.'s Hidden Horrors
Portrayal of the U.S.A.'s Hidden Horrors!

An Introduction

Some time back an organization known as the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform jumped into the war over abortion on demand. If ever there was a group which the pro-abortion bunch would like to see "aborted" in this country, it would have to be the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform! Pulling no punches with exposing the hard realities of what aborting an unborn child is all about, CBR has been engaging in what has come to be known as the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP). Through the use of posters measuring 6 feet tall and 13 feet wide CBR has graphically revealed how our practice of abortion compares to practices of genocide in other places in modern times! The primary difference is in methods and the targeted "victims!" The results are always exactly the same -- violent death for the victims before whom others felt qualified to be prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner!

You now have the opportunity to see for yourself the Portrayal of the U.S.A.'s Hidden Horrors. Just click on one of CBR's trucks which will transport you to the lower chambers where the graphic record of our nation's most hidden horrors are on display! After viewing the displays, ponder a bit as to how this nation presently stands in the sight of Almighty God Who has clearly revealed that He identifies each human being prior to conception and has a beautiful plan in mind for that person after birth! Just how serious a matter is it to interfere with God's plan and purpose for human beings?

Chamber #1Chamber #2Chamber #3

NOTE: As you tour the chambers, you will see scenes in which dimes and quarters are included -- might this be a new kind of "oxymoron?" An oxymoron is defined as "..a figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory terms are combined." It takes the setting in which the coins appear to verify that indeed we have an oxymoron here, do we not? Is it not so that on those coins are inscribed the words, "In God We Trust" -- take a close look! Now would you admit that it's a bit inconsistent -- the coin says one thing, but our practices sometimes say otherwise, right?

For those who may object to this:

It is relatively easy to be complacent, remain silent, or dismiss any thought about abortion and what is going on when an unborn child is simply identified as a "fetus" and its life in its mother's womb is terminated prematurely! Further, we may be among the number who intentionally avoid the details of the partial birth abortion issue as well! But when we get brutally honest and force ourselves to look at the graphic pictorial details of what has happened to millions of unborn children since January 1973 (note running tally below), then it is very difficult, if not impossible, to remain aloof any longer! The exception, of course, are those who over the years have so advocated and/or involved themselves in the destruction of the unborn as a falsely assumed "woman's right to choose" that their consciences are as dead as that of a Nazi SS officer of WW II era who could shoot a child or an adult in the head without a second thought, and then sit down and enjoy a hearty meal with his family -- it was all in a day's work!

Unborn Babies Killed
since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

And a final thought -- as you are aware, the mainstream media resists all pressure to publish and reveal the hidden horrors of the USA version of "holocaust!" Now mind you, this crowd doesn't hesitate, in cooperation with the TV and movie industries, to throw all manner of graphic violence at us in the guise of "entertainment" -- you know, slow motion splattering of blood, guts, and brains as people are blown apart and shot apart in gun violence! But that's what makes the big bucks for them, and greed is the name of their game! But reveal by TV and printed page the violence of destroying unborn children, these hypocrites refuse to do it on the grounds that it's "too graphic!" But since most of them are pro-abortion and advocates of a "woman's right to choose," we can expect this policy to continue. Lots of pressure to keep it that way from the "professional" females in the business world also -- they want to always have that option to destroy an unborn child when the need arises because an unplanned pregnancy would disrupt their careers!

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