OK -- Why the Heavy Emphasis on the Abortion Issue?
OK -- Why the Heavy Emphasis on the Abortion Issue?

Visitors to Circuit Rider's Range aren't on the premises very long until they become aware that quite a bit of attention is given to the issue of abortion on demand. From the early days when the first area, Human Life Is Sacred!, was placed on the Range there have been a number of abortion issue related areas added. These are:

As could be expected I have taken some flak for this, particularly from pastors! One member of the Board of Ordained Ministry of the W. Pa. Annual Conference (where I am an ordained elder in full connection) was extremely upset and expressed his wish that he would have been on BOOM when I came through the "process" of being ordained. He also posed the question as to whether God would approve the posting of those graphic abortion pictures on my web site. My response to him was in 2 main parts -- first, I reminded him that when I went through the "process" he was barely out of training pants and his mother was teaching him how to brush his teeth and wash behind his ears! That was said to help him get a little perspective on this thing. Second, I reminded him that the primary issue was not whether God approved the posting of those graphic abortion photos, but rather the real question (which many choose to ignore) is whether God approves the destruction of well over 1 million unborn children in the womb each year in a nation that makes a lot of noise in professing to be a "civilized" nation "..under God with liberty and justice for all!"

Now then -- why should we give focused attention to this issue? Here are some matters for your consideration just to get the ball rolling a bit:

  • Our record to date is seen in the little number cruncher just below -- it keeps a running tally as to how many million unborn victims have been burned, poisoned, ripped to shreds, and/or partially born with skulls punctured and brains sucked out, and in some cases body parts then sold to questionable establishments doing what is supposed to be called "research!"

Unborn Babies Killed
since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

  • Other cultures in the past experienced disaster when life became "cheap" and/or human sacrifice was adopted -- most notably the ancient Israelites incorporated the heathen practices of child sacrifice which is referred to as the "shedding of innocent blood!" And of course in more recent times we have the crystal clear lesson provided by Nazi Germany! You see, they didn't start with extermination of Jews at the beginning -- it was the elimination of persons who were considered to have a "low quality of life." In a lecture in the 30's in which students were shown pictures of persons in institutions, some of whom were deformed and handicapped, the professor sowed a final seed by saying, "If I were like that, I would not want to live!" And so eventually a program was initiated which "took care" of those who had what was considered a "low quality of life" -- enclosed vans equipped to dispel deadly gas into the interior into which the victims of a "low quality of life" had been placed! Their families were simply told that their son or daughter had died from some disease or whatever! The logic for this was great -- quite similar to what we hear in our culture today -- abortion is a good thing because it prevents some child from undergoing a "low quality of life" experience and relieves the mother-to-be of a "distressful and hardship pregnancy" that will leave permanent psychological scars! You do remember, do you not, that Nazi Germany was cut off after reaching about the 13 or 14 million level in exterminated victims! See what our toll is as noted by our ongoing record keeper which you just observed a moment ago? Why not take another look and see how many more victims have been added since your first look! Now then, where do you suppose we stand with quite a few more million victims than were chalked up by Nazi Germany? Would you agree that we certainly can't point the finger any longer toward the Nazis and piously declare what bad, bad boys they were!

  • God's revelation is extremely clear as to His position on human life:
      He identifies the person before conception and birth, and further reveals that He has a plan for that life on this earth.
      He is involved in the formation of the person in the mother's womb -- this raises an interesting question for those willing to think about it -- how serious a matter is it when someone interrupts the plans God has for a person?

  • Then there is the disturbing thought as to what contribution the aborted victims might have made for the well being of our nation had they been permitted to live -- the oldest of the victims would be getting established in their life vocations, raising families, taking responsibilities in communities and CHURCHES, paying taxes (elected officials who sanction abortion on demand, how about you thinking that one through?), etc.

    Yes, it has to be admitted that some of those 40 million would have been a liability rather than an asset in our society -- involved in criminal activity and that sort of thing -- abortion supporters say we need to do away with possibility of children being born in poverty conditions, going on welfare, eventually becoming criminals, etc. Is it not well documented that we have criminals behind bars who were born into rather well to do circumstances, whose families provided well for them, including a college or university education -- check it out -- there are persons behind bars who have graduate school degrees!

    Our common problem within the church particularly is that we sell the grace of God far too short when it comes to the pregnancies that seem to bring about those "undue hardship" situations, opting rather to make another sacrifice to the Convenience god which has millions of devotees, both outside the church and within as well!

  • Most critical is facing the reality of how God ultimately deals with a nation which professes to be "one nation under God" and a nation that "trusts God" as mentioned by inscriptions on coins and currency, but at the same time has left a trail of blood of tens of millions of unborn victims whom God identified as persons and for whom He had a special purpose here on earth! Now we're talking the very real possibility of judgment! God has in the past used that type of action on certain occasions has He not? But never without an earnest appeal over time to repent of all idolatry, immorality, and unholy practices which defy His standards by which a people are expected to live.

OK -- having said all that, you may be thinking, "What can I do? I'm just a solitary person." That subject is also addressed here on the Range. It's not complete, but it will offer some suggestions as to ways to be involved in the cause of human life which our Lord Jesus Christ came to redeem and for which He has a beautiful plan, while at the same time being opposed to anything that threatens God's intended purpose for human life. Just jump over to:

What Can I Do?

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