No Same Gender Coupling Unions

No Same Gender Coupling Unions!

There are unions that are blessed due to being in harmony
with God's intended purpose for His creation

...and there are rebel "unions" that are not in harmony
with His intended purpose for His creation!

Ordering information for the "no-no" logo on a badge

Music Title: Amazing Grace

The above logo was designed in response to the same gender coupling movement whose agenda includes acceptance of same sex unions in our society. Present goals include having all church prohibitions against the same gender coupling lifestyle removed and legislation passed that will give official sanction to the conducting of same sex unions by pastors within their churches. Obtaining this objective is simply a milestone on the way to gaining the status of state sanctioned "marriages" and all the privileges that heterosexual couples possess in their union as husband and wife.

The same gender coupling crowd is rallying around the logo portrayed below. Notice that it clearly spells out the objective that this group has in mind. In militant fashion they are saying, "You will accept us and our lifestyle whether you want to or not!"

Still have doubts about that "objective?" Then how about slipping over to

A Declaration of Unholy War!

And after that, if your stomach isn't turned inside out yet, take a good look at

UMC Episcopal Endorsement of Same Gender Coupling!

The "no-no" logo was designed by a pastor friend of mine. He felt the burden to respond to the same gender coupling movement and its logo. The above is a graphic display that clearly spells out the issue. This logo is now available on badges of approximately the same size as the pictured logo. The cost is 35 cents each. NO ONE IS MAKING ANY PROFIT ON THIS. The people who make them are donating their time and equipment only asking 35 cents to cover material costs. These are professionally made, not amateur -- these folk are in the business.

My friend is likewise making no money on this -- his desire is to distribute them as far and wide as possible. His motive? He is doing this out of love for the church and a desire to see it retain a standard of holiness, abiding by God's clearly revealed standards for acceptable human relationships and morality!

Distribute the "no-no same gender coupling union" badges at your annual conference -- if you miss it this year around, you can catch up in the coming years as we move to GC 2004 in Pittsburgh PA -- also, you can pass them out at district, board and committee meetings -- one of the best would be those BOOM sessions :-) And be sure to send some to your conference delegates to General Conference 2004 when the time comes -- a real test -- will they wear them or not?

Why is this important? Have you heard? A strategic "assault" on the UMC is planned between now the GC 2004 because of critical votes taken at GC 2000 -- in case you didn't hit the link just above, see details at A Declaration of Unholy War! GC 2000 was just a "warm up" session!

For more information on the badges, or to place an order, please contact:

The Rev. Ed Jenkins
311 Main Street
South Fork, PA 15956-1399
Phone: (814) 495-4733

You can also send an Email to Ed -- just click on Penelope, our letter eating toad, who is charge of our mail room -- she has it all pre-addressed and ready to go!

NOTE: Permission is hereby granted to copy the above logo, use it to make up your own badges if you have equipment to do so, place the logo on posters for display, etc. Let your imagination soar -- put the logo on tee shirts, sweat shirts, caps, coffee mugs -- stick one on your bishop's or ds's stole when he/she isn't looking -- hee hee hee! The other side is using a logo -- why shouldn't those who believe that God has clearly revealed a holy standard of morality for male and female relationships do likewise?

Check this! If you think this isn't much of a serious issue, take a good hard look at UMC Episcopal Endorsement of Same Gender Coupling! -- General Conference 2000 set a first in antics -- demonstrations and disruptions with a couple of bishops arrested (one twice!) among other things -- this was just a warm up in preparation for GC 2004 slated to be held in Pittsburgh PA!

Wait! Hold it for a moment! There are ways to challenge the crazy stuff such you see in the episcopal endorsement thing or at CR's Peek Behind the Scenes #1. Remember that General Conference 2004 is approaching -- it's not too early to be thinking and praying about submitting petitions -- individuals, groups (such as Sunday School classes), administrative boards, etc can submit petitions -- check with your pastor and borrow the Book of Discipline on procedures! Let your voice be heard! Don't forget, some bishops as mentioned above have already done their endorsement thing!

Meanwhile, Same Gender Sex Lifestyles Can Be Transformed!

The same gender coupling crowd likes to cry "Foul!" when it is reported that Jesus Christ has touched and transformed some of their own -- it's like, "Jesus, don't go meddling in our lives!" And then the media culture (both religious and secular) is reluctant to publish the facts on these happenings - doesn't look good for those pushing the same gender coupling lifestyle on our culture! For a couple of miracles in this area of life visit Ann Paulk and Jon Paulk! Also, check out Family Research Council June 2 Release! Now for those of you who don't like this, take your complaint to the One Who changed these people, and see if He agrees with your objections to what He has done in bringing peace, purpose, and hope into their lives! But before you do that, maybe you best review what He went through to make those miracles possible - look at Amazing Grace - All for Us!!

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